WhatsApp Business provides a simple communication platform between business and customers. Using this feature, we have developed an extremely efficient and user-friendly customer interaction platform.


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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is now an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. The 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users provide an open market to which we should all pay attention and have already entered the daily lives of many users.

with Facebook Messenger

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Direct Message

There is an eCommerce boom on Instagram. More than a billion people worldwide use Instagram every month for entertainment, inspiration, shopping and more. And brands are racing to reach these users. Every month, 150 million people chat with a business on the platform. Instagram DM (Direct Message) gives you the biggest networking or business development opportunity of the last decade


Get started with Instagram Direct Message in four easy steps


The Text Message has been in our lives for a long time and it seems that it will continue to be for a long time. Without any restrictions, it will always be at our disposal to invite the customers you are in contact with to other messaging channels, to share the site links they want and to reach a large number of people quickly.


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Live Chat

With Live Chat, you can talk to your website visitors, potential customers and registered customers in real time. Answer their questions, offer customer support, and solve their problems. Live Chat requires personal interaction that is, your sales representative has a live conversation with the visitor of your website that reaches him.


Get started with Live Chat in two easy steps

Voice Call

One Platform for All Voice Applications We give you full control over your SIP trunks through one easy-to-use cloud application. Use the Audio Management application to set up, configure and manage your SIP trunks. Voice Analysis Want to know what's going on with your voice traffic at any time of the day? With Voice Analytics, you get real-time insight into your voice data, including volume, goals, cost and quality statistics. Call Detail Records are essential for detailed information on your calls, billing, cost control and anti-fraud purposes. By using our cloud tool or API, you get instant access to call Detail Records (CDR).

HeloRobo provides fast, reliable and professional solutions by collecting your social media accounts in a single communication channel.

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You can send an unlimited number of messages. You can meet with multiple customers at the same time. You can sell to your old customers without having to re-register, and you can access their old transactions and messages.

You can apply for a Green Badge to enable your customer to shop more securely

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