Common Questions

I'm already using an e-commerce software, do I need a second platform?
I'm Using Other Software, What Can We Do?
How can I track the products I sell?
I am alone but, I can still reply to all Social Media Posts.
I'm selling on Instashop
What Other Benefits You Offer?
Will you have support outside of sales?

Usage Features

What can I do outside of working hours?
I am using the old version, what should I do?
From which Messaging channels can I access the new version?
Will my messages be deleted or lost?


How can I start using it?
What if I want to use it now?

About HeloRobo

What is HeloRobo?
Do I need to have an E-commerce site to use HeloRobo?
Why HeloRobo?
How Can I Sell With HeloRobo?
Can I Try HeloRobo?
How can I learn to use HeloRobo?
How long does it take, on average, to learn to use the HeloRobo?
How can I see HeloRobo usages?
Who will have access to my HeloRobo panel?
What are the Admin User's Authorizations?
What are the Admin User's Authorizations?
Is HeloRobo a platform that can adapt to my changing needs?
How can I reach wider audiences with HeloRobo?

Trading with HeloRobo

Why do I need to use HeloRobo when doing eCommerce?
What advantages does HeloRobo give me in the e-commerce sector?
How will HeloRobo help my sales through social media?
Which eCommerce Infrastructures Can I Integrate with?
Can I sell in currencies other than Turkish Lira?
Do I have the opportunity to sell abroad on HeloRobo?
Are customer language options available in HeloRobo?
Can I see the products on my e-commerce site on HeloRobo?
Can I filter the products in HeloRobo?
Can I search by product code on HeloRobo?
Can I search for products with hints on HeloRobo?
Can my customers shop without membership?
Can I register members on HeloRobo?
Do the memberships I create in HeloRobo appear among the members on my e-commerce site?
Can I add it via HeloRobo when a new address is wanted to be added?
Can I integrate the cargo alternatives on my e-commerce site into HeloRobo?
Are there any limitations on payment alternatives?
How to pay by credit card on HeloRobo?
Is payment available through Payment Firms on HeloRobo?
Is payment with Garanti Pay available on HeloRobo?
Is payment with Masterpass available on HeloRobo?
How to share bank information with customers who want to pay by wire transfer on HeloRobo?
Can add notes to orders?
Can my customers define a gift voucher before confirming the cart?
Can I share the order summary with my customer when all selections are completed?
How can I see the orders I received from HeloRobo on my E-commerce site?

About Using HeloRobo

How many agents can I authorize to my HeloRobo panel?
Is there an admin screen where I can monitor my customer representatives?
Is it enough just to have an Instagram account to use HeloRobo?
How does it affect my sales via WhatsApp when I use HeloRobo?
Will I be able to develop my social media marketing strategies and reach wider audiences with HeloRobo?

Terminating the HeloRobo Service

What kind of process awaits me when I want to terminate HeloRobo services?
Can I continue to use the number I used on HeloRobo after I quit HeloRobo services?

HeloRobo and Facebook Group

Does HeloRobo collaborate with Facebook?
Is HeloRobo in collaboration with WhatsApp?
Is HeloRobo in collaboration with Instagram?
What is WhatsApp Green Badge?
How do I get a Green Badge?

Tariff Packages

What are the differences between the HeloRobo packages?
Can I change the HeloRobo package I benefit from within the contract period?
Are there any message restrictions?

HeloRobo and Facebook Group

What is API?
Do I need to use the WhatsApp Business API?
How to get WhatsApp Business API?
Are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger APIs available for company use without HeloRobo?

Template Message

What is the fastest timeframe and minimum number of clients I need to message to upgrade to Tier 3 (100K)?
Are customers using CTWA to come to my channel added to my post count?
Will customers who message me first and whom I reply to be added to my message count?
If there are customers who text me first and I reply and we continue to text each other (refreshes the 24-hour window), how will those messages be counted?
If I send a notification to customer A within 7 days and notify customer A again, will this message counted to the tier upgrade?
If a user has interacted with the brand in the last 24 hours and we send that user a template message, will that count for tier upgrade