Manage your messages from different channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Live Support through the same channel with more than one customer representative. HeloRobo is a marketing platform that works exactly integrated with your e-commerce site where all your products are located. In this way, you can sell your products from the platform you are messaging with your customers without directing your customers from social media to your e-commerce site.

Share Products in One Click

Send Cart to Customer

Campaign Module

No Membership Shopping

7x24 Order Enquiry

Order History

Variant Management

All Kinds of Payment Methods

Advanced Reporting

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Rich Messaging


HeloScope hem E-Ticaret, hem de Sosyal Medya Ticaret’in tüm özelliklerini bir arada kullanabileceğiniz yeni nesil kolaylaştırılmış bir E-Ticaret Modülüdür.
Kullanıcı dostu olan sade ve kolay bir arayüz ile aynı anda E-ticaret ve Sosyal Ticaret’e başlayabilirsiniz. HeloScope sayesinde bir yönetim paneline sahip olurken aynı zamanda HeloRobo ile Sosyal Ticaret’e de adım atabilirsiniz.
HeloScope, HeloRobo entegrasyonu ile Instagram – Facebook ve WhatsApp üzerinde satış ve pazarlama yapmanızı sağlar.

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Easy Ads

Create little adds with just a few clicks and run them on Facebook and Instagram.

Easy and Practical Advertising


Add Value to Your Brand

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Continuous Interaction


Social Media Management

Manage replies and comments to your posts on Facebook and Instagram from a single pool. Instantly monitor all your shares and incoming replies from a single screen.

Social Media Management Description

Follower Based Correspondence

We are with you 24/7 for your problems

Free Live Chat

Live Chat is a communication tool that allows you to talk in real time with your website visitors, prospects and registered customers. It helps you answer questions, support emerging challenges, solve problems, or guide users to specific solutions they need. Live Chat requires human-to-human interaction so your sales representative will have a live conversation with your website visitor.


Integrated with All Messaging Channels

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WhatsApp Template Messaging

You can now send bulk SMS messages you want to send to your customers via WhatsApp and announce your advertising campaigns on WhatsApp. WhatsApp message templates are used to send message templates that you have previously approved to WhatsApp to people who have chosen to receive notifications from your business. Messages can include topics such as appointment reminders, shipping information, problem resolutions or payment updates.

Why I Need

You Don't Need to Get Approval Every Time

Is WhatsApp Template Messaging a Paid Service?

Are there any limits?

HeloRobo provides fast, reliable and professional solutions by collecting your social media accounts in a single communication channel.

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You can send an unlimited number of messages. You can meet with multiple customers at the same time. You can sell to your old customers without having to re-register, and you can access their old transactions and messages.

You can apply for a Green Badge to enable your customer to shop more securely

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and Instagram for now,

You can contact us via our phone number and e-mail address.