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HeloRobo offers professional solutions for your communication channels on multiple or different platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp).



HeloRobo supports your communication with the customer and reduces workload by offering optimized solutions

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HeloRobo Solutions

Instant Messaging

You can provide instant return to the messages from social media accounts easily.

Message Archiving

You can easily archive messages that you have ended in the conversation and want to keep.

No Installation Required

You can quickly contact your customers through our web application without the need for installation.

Advanced Statistics

With our advanced statistics record , you can easily track your customer representatives and have information.

Advanced Notifications

With our advanced notification system, you can be instantly informed of incoming messages or problems that may occur in the system.

Easy Management

Easy Management

Frequently Asked QuestionsHeloRobo

  • Why HeloRobo?

    It allows you to reply your social media accounts on multiple or different platforms through a single communication channel, facilitates the organization with multiple customer representatives and allows you to track performance.

  • Which Social Media Accounts do you have Integration with?

    Currently, we only have integration with Whatsapp and Facebook, and our R&D studies continue to increase the platforms we integrate in the future.

  • Are there any message restrictions?

    There are no restrictions on messages from Facebook , and a messaging policy will be followed based on your package for messages from WhatsApp.

  • How can I use it?

    You can receive documentation after the purchase, or you can call our customer service and get detailed information about the use.

  • Who will we contact for any problem or question?

    If you want to communicate in any way, you can open a request through the panel or call our customer service.


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